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2022 CERSA GEM Workshop
U.S. Regulatory Policy Workshop: Genome-Edited Microbial Products for Agricultural Use
September 25-27, 2022

We met in Washington, DC for the CERSA website for the 2022 Genome-Edited Microbial Workshop to facilitate a common understanding and public education of genome-editing technology from a broad
perspective, including US congressional support and how it can be safely leveraged to deliver breakthrough new microbial product solutions to address US sustainability and climate objectives. We also aimed to provide a forum where diverse opinions surrounding the further development and application of genome-editing technologies are heard. Through these discussions, we aim to identify significant knowledge gaps regarding assembling a thorough risk assessment process for genome-edited microbials.

A list of the speakers and the topics discussed can be found here: Daily Agenda

We also compiled a Consensus Statement to share with regulatory agencies, academics, and stakeholders, and that document can be found here.



For any questions, please contact:
Geoff Bock, Director of Operations, NC Plant Sciences Initiative, NC State University, or Carrie Rogers, Communications Manager, CERSA, NC State University