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At the Genome Edited Microbial Workshop in September 2022 we worked to provide a starting point for an appropriate benefit/risk analysis of genome-edited microbial products created through the use of gene-editing tools, considering inputs from a diverse set of stakeholder participants. We facilitated a common understanding and public education of genome-editing technology from a broad perspective, including US congressional support and how it can be safely leveraged to deliver breakthrough new microbial product solutions to address US sustainability and climate objectives, and provided a forum where diverse opinions surrounding the further development and application of genome-editing technologies could be heard. Through these discussions, we plan to identify significant knowledge gaps required for a thorough risk assessment process of genome-edited microbials. The outcome of this meeting was a Consensus Statement on Genome-Edited Microbials. This statement has been distributed to key stakeholders in government, industry, academics and NGOs.

A more extensive review of the events is published here.